Important information BEFORE your arrival from Lanzarote Tourism:

What if you arrive without a test?

The tourist office will refuse access to people who do not have the diagnostic test and will inform them of the nearby places where they can take the test.

In exceptional cases, if the tourist cannot prove that he has taken the test but shows his willingness to take the test, he may exceptionally enter the accommodation and spend the time necessary to obtain the results, but he may not leave his room (except to take the test and collect the results).

What if you are positive?

If a positive case is found, the local health authorities must be informed immediately on 900 112 061 (112 for language support) and they will decide where to take you depending on your symptoms.

Beyond that...

The tourist accommodation establishment must provide the Canary Islands Health Service with the documentation that proves that the client has complied with these safety measures.

The establishment will inform its clients of the need to download the RADAR COVID mobile application and keep it active during their stay on the islands and for the next 15 days.

More information on the obligation of the tests:

Official Declaration of the Tourism Board concerning arrival of our guests WITH Covid19 Test done

In Canary Islands, we work intensely every day to ensure you can visit us in maximum conditions of safety, hygiene and quality. To maintain the archipelago’s low incident rate for the pandemic and guarantee the sustainability of our tourist activity, all visitors over the age of six who are not arriving from Canary Islands must present a certificate that is officially recognised by the healthcare authorities to show that they have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the past 72 hours.

This certificate will be required to check in this and any other tourist accommodation in the islands. You may show a digital or hard copy of it and it must contain the date and time the test was taken, the identity of the individual taking it, the laboratory responsible for verification and the nature of the laboratory, and the negative result. This certificate will not be required for non-residents who show proof (in the form of a travel document) that they have been in Canary Islands territory for the 15 days prior to the date they are checking into this tourist accommodation and that they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

Canary Islands residents must show proof that they are such and declare, under their own responsibility, that they have not left Canary Islands in the 15 days prior to arriving at this establishment and that they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

This tourist accommodation will deny entry to anyone who does not comply with the above conditions.

As an exception, if you state that you are willing to take a diagnostic test, we will provide you with details of the nearest authorised centre and we will allow you to enter and stay for the minimum time required to get your results. You will not be able to leave your accommodation unit until the results are received.

We recommend downloading and keeping the RADAR COVID contagion notification app enabled on your mobile during your stay in the islands and for the 15 days immediately following your return to your place of origin.

If you cannot bring the test on arrival, you need to inform us beforehand so we can organize a date at BIOLAB Laboratories with which we have an agreement for quick attention of our clients. You need to cover the costs of 39€ for a quick Antigen-Test and stay in the rental until you receive the negative result.